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Lymphatic Yoga®: Book 1
“The Aquarium Within” (Volume 1)

Lymphatic Yoga Book 1 Cover

“Lymphatic Yoga® and The Water of Life”  is the first book of a trilogy about Yoga and the Lymphatic System.

The Lymphatic System  is a transport system that permeates and affects all other systems and functions of the body. When flowing properly, the Lymphatic System represents the first stage for health. When the lymph fluid is sluggish, however, diseases appear.

Though neglected in the past because its elusive characteristics, the Lymphatic System holds the key to sound health, clear mind and spiritual awareness.

In this book Edely – certified lymph therapist by both Vodder School (Austria) and Foldi Clinic (Germany) – combines her vast knowledge of Yoga with the most recent scientific discoveries about the Lymphatic System. The result is a well designed Yoga practice based on the anatomy of the Lymphatic System.

The lymph fluid can deservedly be called the “water of life” because it cleanses, nourishes and defends virtually all body’s tissues in a cellular level. The health of all other body’s systems depends on a flowing lymph fluid. However, the heart does not pump the lymph fluid. So, this fluid tends to get sluggish and stagnant and cannot perform its tasks properly. Muscle motion and proper breathing are the two major pumps of this mighty fluid.

In this book you will know the basics about the Lymphatic System and how it insidiously can create diseases in other systems when not flowing freely. Also learn how to stop or avoid a stagnant Lymphatic System. Simple techniques along with a Lymphatic Yoga® sequence will help you to keep the lymph fluid moving properly. This book brings a new and simple approach for anybody to reach health in a natural effective method – Lymphatic Yoga®.

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Lymphatic Yoga® Book 2 is coming soon!

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