Coronavirus Teacher Certification Details

Coronavirus Teacher Certification Details

This Teacher Certification webinar is on Sunday, May 31,  @ 4pm – 7pm (ET, USA), $100.

Attendance at the 2 General Sessions is a PRE-REQUISITE and will occur on Sundays, May 17 and 24, @ 4pm-6:30pm (ET, USA), $100. REGISTER HERE

Webinar with Edely Wallace CDT, MLD, EYT-500 – Lymphatic Yoga® Expert

The virus COVID-19 has killed many people by lodging itself in people’s lungs and defeating our Immunity. Up to now, we have no cure or treatment for this disease. So, we must boost our immunity and shelter our lungs. The Lymphatic System, which is the core of our immunity, becomes stronger as it flows freely with our help.

This training is based on the special sequence “Boost your Immunity and Strengthen the Lungs with Lymphatic Yoga®” that was designed both to help the LS flow freely and to strengthen your lungs.

Teachers will be able to help the community to face the threat of coronavirus with confidence without fears. Love and knowledge are the best replacement for fears and panic.

So, to help our community we are offering this third session for yoga teachers who have taken the 2 previous sessions (#1 & #2) and would like to receive a certification to teach only this specific Lymphatic Yoga® sequence to boost immunity and assist our community.

Teachers will receive an electronic manual, have in-depth information, adjustments, nature of the lymphatic system, history, contraindications, and benefits. They will have the possibility to choose to teach 2 sequences since phase 1 & 2 will offer variety. Breathings techniques also can be interchanged according to the manual.

On the other hand, those who want to go deeper for personal improvement only will be able to participate without certification (requirement: to have taken the 2 previous sessions / no certification)

Requirements for teachers:

-upload of previously taken 200hr Teacher Certification.
-the sequential order of this session is essential to the results and it cannot be modified. Motions cannot be replaced and different motions cannot be added. Participants will send a written commitment to abide by these rules.
-the certification is valid for 2 years and it can be revoked at any time, depending on the usage
-adjustments and modifications, described in the webinar electronic manual, are allowed.

Sunday, May 31, TEACHER CERTIFICATION (after having taken the 2 previous sessions ) $100

4pm – 7pm
Note: Anyone who wants to take the teacher’s class MUST register and be present for the two first sessions (May 17 & 24) in which the 2 phases of the sequence is presented. In the third session (May, 31) participants will refine the knowledge received, learn more, show proficiency, and get an electronic manual. Duration: 3hrs / Cost:$100

TO APPLY: Please email the following to

  • 200-hr Teacher Training certificate
  • Description of your yoga training and experience
  • Why you would like to take this training?
Edely Wallace, Founder of Lymphatic Yoga

SPEAKER: Edely Wallace CDT, MLD, E-YTT 500

Lymph Therapist and Master Yoga Teacher

Edely is an expert in her field and brings to this program over 45 years of combined experience on the Lymphatic System associated with Yoga therapy. She is a trained Lymph Therapist at “Foldi Clinic” (Germany) and “Vodder School” (Austria). Edely also is a registered yoga teacher, writer, blogger, teacher trainer, and has lectured both nationally and internationally on the topic. Edely is the founder and creator of the Lymphatic Yoga® method and author of the “Lymphatic Yoga® and the Water of Life” book. Her interest includes helping others to find relief from chronic conditions such as lipedema, lymphedema and more. Her clients report marked reduction of weight, as well as, greater ease and function in their daily lives. Find out more at

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