Lipedema Challenge

Water Ripples

6 Week Lipedema* Challenge Live with Edely Wallace

This “live” webinar starts Sunday, June 16th, 2019 – (9:00–9:30pm Eastern Time)

12 sessions of 30 minutes – 6 weeks / 2 times per week. Every Sunday and Thursday (9:00 to 9:30pm). Program ends Thursday, July 25th.

Delivered Live Online using Zoom. You will just need a computer or tablet connected to the Internet to attend! Every session is recorded so you won’t miss anything.

*Dercum’s patients will also benefit from this program*


$ 150

Course Description:

This program is intended to help participants to understand, manage and reduce Lipedema and its long-term results while implementing practical strategies based both on research and Lymphatic Yoga® practice. Edely will share her more than 45 years of combined experience as a lymph therapist and yoga teacher trainer, along with scientific research, to bring sense and order to your healthcare needs. Edely wants you to learn how to be in control of your own healthcare and minimize the health chaos caused by Lipedema. This program does not require yoga experience.

Utilizing simple explanation and practice, each session will focus on key objectives, including the ability to:

  • Use 4 guiding questions to achieve results through key decision points (how often, how long, how intense, how far).
  • Describe Lipedema stages.
  • Breathe deeply and develop strategies to maintain this skill.
  • Discern how Lipedema (or Dercum’s) adversely affects the flow of the Lymphatic System.
  • Summarize how a sluggish lymphatic flow triggers chronic inflammation
  • Apply simple and effective ways to overcome headaches/migraines, overall pain, improve metabolism and absorb fat.
  • Describe epigenetic activity and its contribution to increase or decrease the manifestation of genetic conditions. Learn the epigenetic link to lifestyle.
  • Understand and manage hyper-mobile spectrum disorder and pelvic floor comorbidity.
  • Implement basic meditation techniques to promote optimal brain wave activity to reach the desired mental/emotional outcome.
  • Take home effective healthcare management in which results will increase with continuity.

Course Objectives:

  • To reproduce at home an effective strategy aimed at decreasing fear of movement, improving functional mobility while increasing circulation, reducing weight, and normalizing the system.
  • Better understand the role of self-care, Lymphatic Yoga® and Lipedema management to improve conditions and empower all with an inexpensive tool that can be practiced at the comfort of home.
Edely Wallace, Founder of Lymphatic Yoga

SPEAKER: Edely Wallace CDT, MLD, E-YTT 500

Lymph Therapist and Master Yoga Teacher

Edely is an expert in her field and brings to this program over 45 years of combined experience on the Lymphatic System associated with Yoga therapy. She is a trained Lymph Therapist at “Foldi Clinic” (Germany) and “Vodder School” (Austria). Edely also is a registered yoga teacher, writer, blogger, teacher trainer, and has lectured both nationally and internationally on the topic. Edely is the founder and creator of the Lymphatic Yoga® method and author of the “Lymphatic Yoga® and the Water of Life” book. Her interest includes helping others to find relief from chronic conditions such as lipedema, lymphedema and more. Her clients report marked reduction of weight, as well as, greater ease and function in their daily lives. Find out more at

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