Lymphatic Yoga® 20 Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

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Lymphatic Yoga® 20 Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

by Edely Wallace

  1. What is Lymphatic Yoga®? It is a method developed by Edely Wallace to activate the lymphatic fluid through techniques of Yoga as a means of auto-pumping the inherently sluggish Lymphatic System. Lymphatic Yoga® is a combination of the ancient knowledge of yoga movements and breathing with the most recent scientific discoveries about the Lymphatic System to optimize our overall health. It prevents fluid sluggishness, which causes decay of bodily functions and systems while it restores and rejuvenates the whole body. It helps cleanse, purify. nourish and revitalize our entire organism. It assists in the prevention of diseases. Lymphatic Yoga® helps to dissolve pain, it restores and revitalizes tissues, it emulsifies fat allowing weight loss, and it balances and strengthens the immune system as it generates optimal health.
  2. What happens when the Lymphatic System does not work properly? Invariably, fluid accumulation or edema results causing progressive swelling. Untreated swelling — lymphatic fluid buildup —  causes fibrosis of the connective tissue, venous system congestion, obesity, calcification, opportunistic infections, and the skin becomes less resistant and mycoses can spread quickly. Eventually, more complex diseases – among them lymphedema and in later stages elephantiasis can develop.
  3. What causes poor lymphatic drainage? Any damaged Lymphatic System, injuries, surgeries, removal of lymph nodes, as well as, aging, air travel, sleep deprivation, radiation, sedentary lifestyle, malnourishment, and excessive alcohol intake are some of the causes of poor lymphatic drainage and fluid buildup.
  4. What are the symptoms of poor lymphatic drainage? A few symptoms of poor lymphatic drainage include: worsened allergies, frequent colds, food sensitivities, arthritis, obesity, headaches, sinusitis, muscle cramping, gastrointestinal issues, loss of appetite, fluid retention, tissue swelling, mental fog, poor memory, auto-immune conditions, depression, acne, and cellulite.

Lymphedema & Lipedema – Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does Lymphatic Yoga® help lymphedema? Lymphedema affects at least 3 million Americans, among them, most breast cancer survivors. It also is a chronic, progressive and deforming swelling condition, which presents 4 stages. Lymphatic Yoga® can reverse lymphedema conditions especially in the first stages (#1 and #2) of the disease and it can also considerably reduce swelling in stage #3.
  2. Does lymphedema go away and how? Today, although current science considers lymphedema incurable, the practice of Lymphatic Yoga® is an effective way to manage its conditions and in some cases, resolve it.  The progressive swelling and tissue modification caused by lymphedema can be reduced or resolved depending on the stage of the disease and also the frequency of Lymphatic Yoga® practice. After obtaining the best results, in order to maintain them, Lymphatic Yoga® practice should continue.
  3. How to overcome lymphedema? Lymphedema can be managed and in some cases kept at bay with Lymphatic Yoga® practice. In lymphedema stages #3 and #4, compression garment should also be used; stage #4 needs professional wrapping, in addition.
  4. Is lymphedema dangerous? Though not contagious, untreated lymphedema is dangerous because it is a progressive disease. Gradually, lymphedema modifies tissue structure, which thickens and hardens. It impairs circulation and consequently tissue function. Over time, it affects other parts of the body generating overlapping conditions. According to Dr. Foldi, it causes carcinogenic conditions.
  5. How long does it take for lymphedema sufferers to see improvement by practicing Lymphatic Yoga®? Usually, improvement shows up within 1 to 2 weeks of daily practice. Although, how much can be improved and the time it takes depend on 2 factors: how advanced the disease is and the frequency of Lymphatic Yoga® practice.
  6. Can you lose weight if you have lipedema? Current data indicates that neither exercise nor diet is effective in shedding pounds on those suffering from lipedema (abnormal fat). Lymphatic Yoga® daily practice, however, demonstrates that it is possible to lose weight even if you have lipedema. Results show up usually after 1 or 2 months of practice. Gradually. the results add up and over time – approximately a year – substantial weight loss or normalized weight can be verified on those in the first and intermediary stages of lipedema. Lipedema also is a progressive condition. When left untreated lipedema can trigger lymphedema (water accumulation in the tissues).

Lymphatic Yoga ® Difference From Other Yoga Systems, Food, Practice Frequency, Lymph Nodes, Cost and More

  1. How is Lymphatic Yoga® different from other yoga systems? Lymphatic Yoga® differs from other Yoga systems mainly because:
    • It applies Yoga techniques to target the Lymphatic System to assure its normal fluidity
    • It has precise sequences based on the lymphatic system anatomy and physiology
    • Results are invariably positive and self-evident in a fast way. It causes tissue restoration and rejuvenation while it prevents and reduces pain. Additionally, it does not cause injuries.
  2. What foods should you avoid if you have lymphedema? As we are all different, in case you have any particular food sensitivity, avoid those foods. In addition, everyone with lymphedema should reduce salt intake, avoid processed/preserved food, food artificial coloring, carbonated drink, stale food, alcohol and any food that is not fresh and natural. Medicines such as anti-inflammatories, over the counter or prescribed pain-killers, and others should be avoided. If you are at risk of lipedema also follow this same protocol.
  3. What foods help lymphatic drainage? Unfortunately, an underperforming or damaged Lymphatic System cannot be helped by food. However, all fresh, natural, organic, and unprocessed food along with balanced protein intake (not too much, not too little) will prevent further lymph sluggishness or stagnation. In addition, according to any nutritional book, air and oxygen are the most important nutrition for our body, Lymphatic Yoga® breathing techniques not only increase the level of oxygenation in the body but also assist the lymphatic flow through the diaphragmatic motion. So, the only “food” that really helps lymphatic drainage is “air” or better oxygenation, especially through Lymphatic Yoga® breathing techniques. Lymphatic Yoga® is a powerful tool to help lymphatic drainage and consequently improve body conditions.
  4. Is there a natural remedy for swollen lymph nodes? Usually, lymph nodes swell when there is an infection in the area affected. Infections are treated by a doctor.
  5. Can anybody do Lymphatic Yoga®? Yes, anybody can practice Lymphatic Yoga®, which ensures the Lymphatic System remains fluid and healthy. Especially, because the Lymphatic System both affects all systems of the body and it does not have a natural pump – the heart is not connected to the Lymphatic System. So, even those who are healthy, greatly benefit of Lymphatic Yoga® once this practice essentially does the job that the heart does not do. Lymphatic Yoga® pumps the lymphatic fluid. As a result, the tissues become firmer, body functions improve, the immune system balances and it is boosted, diseases are warded off, and natural rejuvenation occurs inside and outside of the body.
  6. How many days do I need to practice Lymphatic Yoga®? People without existing conditions should practice Lymphatic Yoga® 3 days per week, in order to observe a quick and sustained improvement in all areas. Those with lymphedema, lipedema or other lymphatic condition should practice 6 to 7 days per week to have progressive and lasting results. Although, we all should keep in mind that 1  or 2 days of weekly practice is better than nothing. Enjoy your practice!!!
  7. Can I do Lymphatic Yoga® if I’ve never done yoga before and don’t exercise? Yes, it is never too late to begin this preventative and healing practice. Start with 20 to 30 minutes practicing every day the exercises from 1 to 12 followed by 21 to 23 of the Book “Lymphatic Yoga® and the Water of Life” – Book 1 . This simple practice begins the fluid stagnation motion and toxins stored in the tissues will be expelled. Lymphatic Yoga® also generates a fresh lymph flow, which better nourishes all body tissues. This begins the process toward total health and gradually allows you to practice other motions of this book and other sequences online to reach optimal health and well being.
  8. How do I get the Lymphatic Yoga® system information and what does it cost? The “Lymphatic Yoga® and the Water of Life” – Book 1 is available at the link below. Or stream the video “Introduction to Lymphatic Yoga®” at Vimeo. To receive new Lymphatic Yoga ® videos, audio relaxations, articles and more to maintain and evolve your home practice and optimal health be sure to become a member today of – a site dedicated to Lymphatic Yoga®
  9. What equipment do I need to practice LY? No need for equipment. You only need your body, the information on how to practice it (books, videos, classes online) and the courage to change your health and life forever.
  10. How was Lymphatic Yoga® developed? In order to recover from a grave accident, Edely Wallace was practicing and later on teaching yoga (1985) in parallel to a personal study and practice of the lymphatic system and its flow. Through both practices, she recovered from serious accident sequels, which prevented her from walking for a few years. After both, restoring her health and decades of study, Edely became a lymph therapist (Foldi Clinic in Germany & Vodder School in Austria) and combined her knowledge of yoga to the physiological motion of the Lymphatic System. She created and honed the method Lymphatic Yoga® to help people to find health, prevent diseases and rejuvenate in a simple and natural way in the comfort of their homes.

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