Success Story, Lost 10 pounds!

1 minute, Free

Donna made a commitment to practice Lymphatic Yoga® every day and noticed some amazing results. First, she lost 10 pounds! Then her breathing and flexibility improved dramatically. 

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Lymphatic Yoga® for Weight Loss

63 minutes, Members Only

This video will get you ready for summer fun at the beach, at the lake or hiking in the mountains or wherever your vacation takes you. Don’t let those winter pounds slow down your summer. The properly functioning lymphatic system is instrumental in shedding pounds.

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Lymphatic Yoga® for Balance & Strength

42 minutes, Members Only

As we age, balance can slip away.  This special class will help keep you in balance, physically, emotionally, and mentally, because body, mind, and emotion are integrated.  When you are facing a crisis…

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Lymphatic Yoga® for Pregnancy

63 minutes, Members Only

We are so happy to offer this class! Although it is designed for those that are pregnant, anyone can do this Lymphatic Yoga® sequence even if you’re not pregnant.

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Introduction to Lymphatic Yoga® Class

60 minutes, Members Only

Nearly 1-hour full yoga class. It includes guided relaxation at the end. Lymphatic Yoga® is a ground-breaking way to improve your overall health through a simple set of yoga movements and breathing techniques. It works by pumping the lymphatic fluid which protects and sustains…

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Lymphatic Yoga® for Emotional Healing (Intermediate)

74 minutes, Members Only

This class is like a refreshing breeze for your entire system! It is an intermediate level class for people who already have some experience with Lymphatic Yoga®. It will allow you to go deeper into your practice, and the final relaxation will help you to dissolve…

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Lymphatic Yoga® & Four Phases of the Breath

42 Minutes, Members Only

UNLOCK THE SECRET TO LIFE AND HEALTH. 42-minute yoga class with guided relaxation at the end. Lymphatic Yoga® is a ground-breaking way to improve your overall health through a simple set of yoga movements…

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Yoga for Lymphatic Health

12 minutes, Free

If you are short in time or are at your desk and have 15min break, try this mini class I taught last year during a Lymphatic Conference. No worries,  the results will be there for you regarding the time. Make sure you…

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Lipedema/Lipoedema Video with Edely Wallace

27 Minutes, Free

Click to watch this video that helps you to get healthier through Lymphatic Yoga®. This is the video I shot for the trial “Lipoedema UK” association, in 2015. Up to now it was only available to the trial participants and now it’s…

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Success Story, Swelling & Lymphedema

1 Minute, Free

Nora’s health issues include muscle problems, nerve problems and swollen ankles. When she does Lymphatic Yoga® she experiences immediate relief .  “There is nothing that I have done, massage or anything else,  that makes me feel as good.”

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Success Story, No More Pain

1 minute, Free

When Alexandra first started practicing Lymphatic Yoga® she could hardly move due to her auto immune condition. After just 3 sessions, her symptoms were greatly relieved. After one year of regular practice her pain is gone!

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Success Story, Avoided Surgery

2 minutes, Free

Chelo had a spine injury and her doctor recommended surgery. She was able to avoid all surgeries and regain her health and mobility through a regular Lymphatic Yoga® practice.

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Success Story, Life Changing Experience!

2 Minutes, Free

After starting a Lymphatic Yoga® practice Fabio says it has been a “life-changing experience.” He is sleeping better, feels less pain in his body, and his overall health is better. Fabio also travels a lot and uses Lymphatic Yoga® to keep himself healthy when he is on the road.

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