Lipedema Solutions, Session 1

Lipedema Solutions, Session 1

37 minutes, Classes, Free


Lymphatic Yoga® Practice for Lipedema – Four Guiding Questions.

This is the first session of the 12-session Lipedema webinar that was delivered to a global audience by Edely Wallace. This program is intended to help participants to understand, manage and reduce Lipedema and Dercum’s disease and their long-term results while implementing practical strategies based both on research and Lymphatic Yoga® practice.

This is a gentle practice session and can be used by anyone to improve the Lymphatic System flow, even those unable to do a standard Lymphatic Yoga® session due to a physical limitation or injuries.

This video does not substitute or replace the advice of a health care professional. The exercises suggested here require consistent practice during a specific time frame for benefits to be solid and stable.

This first session is included for FREE on the Lymphatic Yoga® website. The full webinar series with all 12 sessions will be available soon.

Edely will share her more than 45 years of combined experience as a lymph therapist and yoga teacher trainer, along with scientific research, to bring sense and order to your healthcare needs. Edely wants you to learn how to be in control of your own healthcare and minimize the health chaos caused by Lipedema. This program does not require yoga experience.

Edely Wallace CDT, MLD, E-YTT 500
Lymph Therapist and Master Yoga Teacher @Lymphatic Yoga®
Edely is an expert in her field and brings to this program over 45 years of combined experience on the Lymphatic System associated with Yoga therapy. She is a trained Lymph Therapist at “Foldi Clinic” (Germany) and “Vodder School” (Austria). Edely also is a registered yoga teacher, writer, blogger, teacher trainer, and has lectured both nationally and internationally on the topic. 

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