Lipedema/Lipoedema Video with Edely Wallace

Lipedema/Lipoedema Video with Edely Wallace

27 Minutes, Classes, Free


Click to watch this video that helps you to get healthier through Lymphatic Yoga®. This is the video I shot for the trial “Lipoedema UK” association, in 2015. Up to now it was only available to the trial participants and now it’s accessible to you with no cost.

Even if you don’t have lipedema/lipoedema but want to lose weight, you will not be disappointed with this video. Take advantage of this unique video designed for you to loose weight based on the lymphatic ability to absorb fat when the lymph fluid is flowing steadily! Try it for a 4 weeks – 5 times a week –  and you’ll see the difference. Then, keep going and the results will increase even more :)

Lipedema is a progressive/painful  fat disorder that affects mainly both legs making them continuously larger and heavier with adiposis, which is resistant to diet and exercise. Lymphatic Yoga® shows that this current belief is not true regarding the practice of LY. Unfortunately, this condition is also unrecognized by healthcare professionals. So, take care of yourself now,  it’s at the click of a button!

Below are the comments of site:

Following Edely Wallace’s presentation at Lipoedema UK’s conference in 2015, twelve of our members participated in a 30-minutes-a-day-for-30-days trial of her methods of Lymphatic Yoga®. Several of the members reported very positive results and a decrease in their symptoms and overall measurements.  Edely also demonstrated her methods at the US Fat Disorders Research Society’s (FDRS) Conference 2016.. In another recent study by Lymphcare UK,  lymphoedema patients also reported very positive results from Lymphatic Yoga® classes.”

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