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Lymphatic Yoga: Book I – “The Aquarium Within”

Edely Wallace, Yoga master and Lymph therapist (Foldi Clinic/Germany & Vodder School/Austria) has been researching the Lymphatic System for over 20 years. She is now releasing her findings of many years of intensive study to help people to restore and maintain health. This is the first book of a trilogy about Yoga and the Lymphatic System. The Lymphatic System is a transport system that permeates and affects all other systems and functions of the body. When flowing properly, the Lymphatic System represents the first stage for health. When this system is sluggish, however, diseases appear. Though, neglected in the past for its elusive characteristics, the Lymphatic System holds the key to sound health, clear mind and spiritual awareness. To keep the Lymphatic System flowing properly, Edely combines her vast knowledge of Yoga with the most recent scientific discoveries about the Lymphatic System, creating a new approach for anybody to reach health in a natural effective method – Lymphatic Yoga®.

About the Author

Edely L. Wallace, E- 500 RYT, CDT, MLD, creator of Lymphatic Yoga® method, founder and Executive Director of Yogamatrix is a master Yoga Instructor with over three decades of teaching experience and training in Belgium, Brazil, and the United States.
Edely was first exposed to Yoga after a serious road accident in the 1980s. Faced with multiple fractures, surgeries and ensuing complications she dedicated the next five years of her life to an intense study of Yoga, which helped in her recovery. In 2010, moved by the impressive results of this powerful combination – Yoga and Lymphatic System – she begins to share her findings in her unique Lymphatic Yoga® classes in Orlando(FL). At the end of 2011, she released her first book “Lymphatic Yoga® and the Water of Life” as part of a trilogy about both the Lymphatic System and Lymphatic Yoga method. Edely has been featured on several TV shows including “Daily Buzz” and Morning News at “Fox 35” and newspapers including “The Orlando Sentinel.”


Not Just a Yoga Book
I have just finished 6 books on Lymphedema and by far the is the best book. The author put everything in term that are so easy to understand and explain to other people. Yes it is a book about yoga postures, but it explains Lymphedema better than anything I have read. I highly recommend this book to anyone with Lymphedema or anyone wanting to know more about the lymphatic system.
– Bailee Bishop

Lymphodema? Yoga? Yup…..Try it!
I looked at the yoga positions and they are not hard to do. I have a bad back also but these yoga positions are doable. And it makes much sense. This woman has really researched lymphedema. I’m happy with the book and all its knowledge that it brings to me. Anyone suffering from lymphedema should buy this book.
– Christine H Leone

Phenomenal book! So informative. I reference it regularly…!
Phenomenal book! So informative. I reference it regularly to teach to cancer patients. It is a topic that I had known nothing about. WOW!
– Dawnn Rudluff

This book is an excellent source of information on lymphedema and also your attitude …
This book is an excellent source of information on lymphedema and also your attitude towards it. The yoga to go with it will be most helpful when I am able to start it.
– fred peltz



The second Lymphatic Yoga® book will be soon available!

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