Is it Possible To Recover From Lipedema?

Is it Possible To Recover From Lipedema?

A Recovered Lipedema Case at the FDRS Baltimore Conference/April 2019.

by Edely Wallace CDT, MLD, E-YTT 500

fat cells

fat cells

It is so exciting! In Baltimore, at the Lipedema Fat Disorders Resource Society – FDRS Conference / April 2019, I presented a case study showing that a person with lipedema recovered by practicing Lymphatic Yoga® for a twelve month period.

Though chronic and debilitating, lipedema is mostly an unrecognized or merely neglected disorder by our physicians.  Lipedema also does not have a medical code so it is not validated by health insurance. It can also be confused with obesity although “lipedema fat” is different. Lipedema fat is resistant to diet and current types of exercise.

Lipedema Legs

Lipedema Legs

Here are a few more characteristics of lipedema. If the lower part of your body is disproportionally bigger than the upper part, or if you are pear-shaped, and if you diet or exercise and cannot lose weight, you might have lipedema. Conversely, if the upper part of your body is abnormally bigger than your lower part, you are a candidate to be diagnosed with Dercum’s disease.

Both, lipedema and Dercum’s Disease are considered progressive and incurable conditions.

Conventional wisdom, however, may no longer hold! 

Today, research indicates that both infirmities result from a loose connective tissue (LCT) disorder, which manifests in the body as abnormal fat cell growth and proliferation. Scientific studies also indicate the significant role of the Lymphatic System (also LCT) on those infirmities.

Good news!  The practice of Lymphatic Yoga® proved to be an effective tool to manage and reduce weight in a lipedema case study. Let’s take a look at this case.

Lipedema Subject Before Lymphatic Yoga®.

Maryann (pseudonym for our recovered lipedema subject) was diagnosed with Lipedema by Dr. Karen Herbst on Nov 18, 2014. She was 46 years old, weighed 184 pounds, didn’t have lymphedema (Stemmer sign negative), and commonly had rashes on the ankles and lower legs. She also had to stand with her feet 23 inches apart for her thighs not to touch.


Lipdema rashes on the legs

rashes on the legs

She faced various physical and psychological changes as the lower part of her body was consistently becoming larger. She could not find clothing that would fit her. She got depressed and stopped going out with her friends. She did not use skirts anymore and stopped going to the beach. She lost her motivation to do anything, she said.

Her mom and grandmother also had bigger legs, according to Maryann. After her diagnosis, she followed nutritional and supplement advice from her doctor. She practiced jazz exercise for one year and developed knee pain. She also did weight training, three times per week for three months, but she did not build any muscle despite the hard work. She started to walk two days per week about 3 miles. Gradually, her weight increased and she got to 190 pounds, her highest weight.

Lipedema Subject after Lymphatic Yoga®

In July 2016, she began to practice Lymphatic Yoga® in a group setting. After three months of practicing Lymphatic Yoga®, about once or twice per week, Maryann noticed significant changes. Her mood improved and she was shedding pounds without any other lifestyle change.

Happily surprised and trying to lose more weight, she increased the frequency of her practice: four to five times per week. The result was so astounding that in January 2017 she increased the practice six 6 days per week. Of those six days of practice, three days were done at home with the book “Lymphatic Yoga® and the Water of Life.” She also adapted her diet including more vegetables and fruits. She stopped drinking sodas and eating fast food.

In July, 2017, after one year of consistent Lymphatic Yoga® practice, her weight was down to148 pounds. She had lost 42 pounds. Her legs and buttocks became proportional to her upper body. After five miserable years, she finally went to the beach again and was proudly wearing shorts and skirts.

Lymphatic Yoga® Success Story

Lymphatic Yoga® Success Story

Final Thoughts About Lipedema Recovery

In any case of lipedema or Dercum’s Disease, there is no fast road to success.

At least a couple of months of exercising is required to bring the body to a more fit condition. The major fat burn results are visible only later. However, after about 6 to 8 sessions, you begin to shed weight. An indescribable feeling of overall comfort and well-being are also present along with an uplifting mood change.

Consistency is important. A progressive period of practice starts with two to three times per week, for 3 weeks to 2 months — depending on your level of fitness.  After that, 5 to 6 times per week would be the ideal frequency for your practice.

Be patient. Effective fat burning requires not only knowledge of the method but time, patience and discipline. Keep in mind that the Lymphatic System is slow in manifesting either detrimental conditions, when it is sluggish; or beneficial results, when it is flowing properly.

Lymphatic Yoga® is different from other yoga techniques. Lymphatic Yoga® follows the intricacies of the Lymphatic System. The Lymphatic System is a very complex and deceptive system, which only shows how it is functioning after months and years.

During the conference, people asked how they could learn and practice the same method Maryann did to recover. Happily, we can work together to help you to reach your goals — starting on June 16th!

For the first time, I’ll be holding a webinar — live stream — for those with Lipedema, Dercum’s Disease or if simply interested in losing weight effectively. See below for more information.

Be confident as you practice. As soon as you start practicing, cellular level improvement begins, although we are unable to perceive this microscopic level changes. No worries, press on and keep practicing. You deserve to look in the mirror and be joyful and happy again! 

Enjoy your practice!

Note: Webinar – 6 Week Lipedema Challenge – starts June 16th

Live /12 sessions of 30 minutes – 6 weeks / 2 times per week. Every Sunday and Thursday 9:00 to 9:30pm (eastern time). The program ends Thursday, July 25th.

If you cannot participate live, all sessions will be recorded and exclusively available to all registered participants at any time during the program period. Start your life changing solution now! Don’t wait any longer!

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